Anointed Touch
Receive Your Blessing Through Massage

About the Practitioner

Morgan Reed is a Graduate of Medix School, now Fortis Institute, in Towson, MD. She is a Nationally certified and Lisecensed Massage Therapist and is a member of Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals. 

     Through Massage Morgan addresses the specific needs of the client to create more mobility and stability in the body." I believe with touch and manipulation of the soft tissue, the body's natural defenses are rebuilt and rejuvenated to aid in healing and inner balance." Touch has been used as natural healing. Its about the quality of touch and working together; understanding no body is the same, different approaches  are used and your body is ready to communicate with the therapist, leaving you, the client, in more peace. 

Morgan Has 4 years of experience and is consistently seeking knowlege to better educate herself for the betterment of those she touch. "I take pride in my education and in Cultivating the gift God has given me. I am known by my aunt as her 'Healing Hands'."

Massage is one avenue  to serve the people but Morgan is involved in much more. When resting from massage, "I too recieve massage!" Morgan is an actress, she is currently working on a production for 2015, she is also a co host known as Morgan Baby on, the underground show, and is heavily involved in her church and community.