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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Therapeutic Massage

Enjoy a massage customized to your needs, alleviating you of stress and tension. Providing a combination of Swedish, Deep tissue, Myo Fascial Release and Thai Massage.

Sweet Alleviation....... 60 minutes & 90 Minutes  Soft light gliding stokes yet with a firm touch, giving the security and the reassurance that relaxation is welcomed. Focusing on the superficial layers of your muscles leaving joints loosened, circulation increased and stress decreased! 

Deep Alleviation....... 60 Minutes & 90 Minutes  First enjoy a light yet firm touch which leads to a deeper pressure including stretches (to clients comfort) that warms your muscles allowing them to melt and endure deep pain relief. we will address injuries, adhesions, connective tissue and specific areas of discomfort enabling you to esperience delight.

Prenatal Alleviation....... 60 Minutes Promoting Mothers- to- be, take time out rest and restore for you and baby. Experience the easing of pregnacy discomforts. This massage is avaiable for moms in their second and third trimester.

The  Deep Warmth Alleviation (Hot Stone Massage).......

60 Minutes & 90minutes 

 The massage that Last!!! Allow the experience of the HEATED Basalt Rocks to aid in enhancing the Sweet or Deep Alleviation Massage.

Enhance your Session!

  • Aromatherapy 

  • Sugar Scrub 

  • Parrafin Bliss (coming soon) 

  • Indian Head Face Foot Massage 

    *all sessions include consultations and treatment plans*